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Speaker: Maximilian Rottenaicher

Maximilian Rottenaicher

Maximilian Rottenaicher


Max Rottenaicher is a highly experienced professional who currently serves as the Country Lead for Germany at Amerge, a global full-service Amazon Ads Advanced Partner with over 100+ years of combined Amazon experience. Prior to his current role, Max spent over 7 years working for Amazon, where he held various roles and gained expertise in programmatic advertising, emerging ad products, and account management across large global brands. Max led pan-European advertising partnerships with brands in the FMCG and Electronics sectors, dealing with large strategic partnerships across programmatic advertising in the display and video. Max also has a deep technical knowledge of the Amazon Ad product and his initial Account Management experience ranged across entertainment and travel verticals. Max is responsible for starting the Amerge DE business, but also helping the company in their mission to build the blueprint for every brand to succeed with Amazon. Utilizing his several years at Amazon and thirst for innovative and relevant solutions, Max is helping evangelize Amazon Ad tech for all brands on Amazon.

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